Bag of Hope wouldn't exist if it weren't for the amazing volunteers that spread hope each year!
Now's your chance to join in. Most of our volunteers serve in the last few months of the year, but some help coordinate BHP year-round. Give us a little info in the form below and we will get you plugged in!

Jennifer & Hannah L.

Jennifer is the BHP Secretary in charge of managing BHP's social media (Facebook and Instagram). She and her daughter Hannah have been involved with BHP for seven years, helping with bag prep, name tags and tag decorating, quality control, Work Center set up/clean up, and bag delivery.

Cassidy and Sebastian C.

This brother-sister duo has volunteered for three years, helping with cleaning the Work Center, preparing bags, quality control, and bag deliveries.

The Flude family

The Fludes fill a bag each year as a family, and mom and dad help with quality control and bag deliveries. The three boys specialize in tag making and bag delivery.