Since 2005, we have led the effort to care for low-income and marginalized families in our community each Christmas season.

The need

Each December, thousands of children in Orange County miss out on the joy of opening a present on Christmas morning, and many continue to go without basic items including blankets and toiletry items.

OUR mission

Bag of Hope Project, or BHP, aims to meet the need in a simple yet profound way: Inspire people to fill a bag with toys, school supplies, toiletries and other items, for a child whose family is homeless or in transition.


OUR Model

Our model is to pair individuals, families and organizations with a specific child or children, so they can personally fill a bag with items from a provided shopping list. Once filled, the bag is dropped off at our seasonal Work Center and then distributed by volunteers.We believe the act of hand-selecting items for the boy or girl being supported is what gives BHP many of its unique grassroots, community-oriented qualities. And the feeling of knowing the child has a gift to open on Christmas is what keeps people coming back each year.

The heart of BHP is simple: To ensure children in need experience the true magic of Christmas. It is our privilege to bring hope to these children and their families, and it is a joy to inspire others to partner with us. It really is magical!
— Penny Tucker, Bag of Hope Project Director

What We've Achieved

  • Since 2005, BHP has moved nearly $650,000 worth of goods in support of its mission to spread hope and Christmas joy

  • Over 6,800 bags distributed by a network of volunteers

  • Recognized by City Council Members and Anaheim School Districts as a valuable community support organization

  • Provided opportunities for over 40 corporations and organizations to make an impact in their local community

  • Increased awareness of and support for more than 3,000 low-income families in and around Orange County

  • Mobilized thousands of passionate sponsoring participants each year